Do you have a bathroom remodeling project coming up that you only feel comfortable entrusting to the most experienced professionals? As a licensed bathroom remodeling company in Los Angeles, Cedars remodeling has handled simple plumbing repairs to extremely large and complex bathroom renovation projects throughout Los Angeles.

If you are dreaming of a new bathroom, we have amazing possibilities that will give me much more than a new bathroom.

We are the experts in delivering creative and customized bathrooms. Whether it is a spacious master bathroom to a petite powder room, our in-house experienced creative team will cover all aspects of construction; from cabinets, sinks, countertops, faucets to plumbing, walls, ceiling to flooring.

Because of our premium bathroom remodeling services, we have a huge list of happy customers who have consistently rated our services as 5/5. We pride ourselves on our superior delivered work, innovative high-end concepts, standard quality construction, and most importantly, our client satisfaction.

From the preparation of the conceptual designs, to the final touchups, we are committed to treat every client’s needs uniquely and to make the bathroom remodeling project as easy as possible.

Cedars Remodeling is a full service, licensed and bonded design company and we guarantee the best customer experience in the industry for your bathroom remodeling project.

We are experts in replacing seldom used whirlpool tubs with master showers, body sprays, and hand showers.

We are proud of our meticulous craftsmanship and we are committed to showcasing your personal style in your bathrooms with required comforts.

Plan & Design

If you’re bit choosy in selecting the design options; our design catalogs have hundreds of them to make sure you got the right tailored design perfect for your wishes. With our state-of-the-art bathroom designs and styles, you can easily select the correct amenities and fixtures that would enhance the functionality of your bathroom and increase the value of your home. Our architects and designers would guide you in selecting the right design keeping in mind your budget and your requirements.

Layout and Plan your Bathroom

Once you have finalized the designs, our team will start the layout of the bathroom. The existing footprints (plumbing or wiring) are evaluated and floor plans are developed for the new facilities, which may include the following: additional sinks, shower or a bidet; whichever is required.

We’re ready to go the extra mile in order to make a custom bathroom your very own private oasis. We bring in our 10 years of bathroom renovation experience to deliver a personal spa with all amenities. Because of our in-house team of experts, you do not have to worry about the third-party delays. Our professionals possess the quality to bring your vision to life – a vision of a brand new Jacuzzi tub.

We take care of the building codes, permits, and everything that is required for a bathroom remodeling project. Call us to build your dream bathroom!

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