Complete Home Remodeling

If you are looking to remodel your entire home, you must have the perfect plan in place that would help get things done on time and within budget. What if you have the plan and budget, but do not have a perfect executor? Now, you do not have to worry because you hired a licensed and fully insured home remodeling company – Cedars Remodeling.

We are a leading company with expertise in total home renovation and remodeling in Los Angeles. We have a long history with a proven track record of excellence.  We offer you a different experience that is streamlined.

With our in-house professional craftsmen and designers, we hold our quality of workmanship to the highest standards. We take pride in delivering master pieces.  It is a perfect chance to turn your renovation and remodeling dreams into a reality. We take pride in our remodeling services and we are not satisfied unless you are.

The Process

  • Vision – Set your Remodeling Goals –The success or failure of your remodeling project is entirely based on effective planning. You should assess the condition of your home and based on your priorities define a clear scope of work – things to include and things to ignore. This all depends on your budget and time frame you have carved out for your project.
  • Choose a Design Style –Based on your budget and preset goals, we would help you in choosing cozy and luxurious designs for interior and exterior. We have many ideas, tips, pictures and options for every inch of your home.
  • Order Fixtures & materials –After taking care of the permits to avoid any redo work, we start by ordering the necessary materials, fixtures including doors, windows, dry walls and whatever is in the scope.
  • Demolition –Once the materials are on site, we start the demolition work. Although complete home remodeling involves a lot of disturbance, we ensure minimum disruption to your daily life.
  • Work – Install – Fix –This step includes all the construction activities like plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditions, insulation, fixing windows, doors, cabinetry, etc.
  • Give finishing touches –At the end we do the decorating works, painting, backsplashes, floor sealing, light fixtures and similar touchups.

Why Us? 

Cedars remodeling is a residential general contractor with expertise in executing large remodeling projects. Our creative team will deliver the project in a way that will give you a better living experience. Whether you require to add up the space or want arrangements that can ensure better use of the established space; you can trust our services.


We understand that as a home owner how difficult it is for you to undertake a complete home remodeling projects. We treat your home as ours and ensure to engage suppliers that only supply high quality standardized products and materials. We value your time and money and we handle every project with highest degree of professionalism.


We are proud to have number of satisfied customers who admire us because of our expertise and show complete trust in our knowledge. Our comprehensive design and scope defining process sets us apart from our competitors. For a seamless renovation experience, you can rely your full house renovation and remodeling services.


Our core values are based on trust, reliability, and transparency across the board. We work closely with our clients by listening to their requests and/or requirements; this helps us to ensure that our clients will be fully satisfied.